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Wedding Photography of Alexandra and Yechiel at Ohel David Shlomo, Brooklyn

Yechiel and Alexandra were introduced to me by a DJ. On July 3 I
captured their wedding. Since it was raining we did the pre-wedding photo
session at a studio. The pictures turned out beautiful. I guess rain on a
wedding day really does bring good luck. The ceremony and the reception took
place at Ohel David Shlomo. The beautiful second floor shul with its magen
david skylight under the chuppah, was a perfect setting for the ceremony. If
you haven’t been there you should definitely go visit. The reception took place
on the first floor where Alexandra, Yechiel, their family, and their friends
partied into the night.

Take a look at the photographs and let us know what you think. We
appreciate all your comments and suggestions.

Principal Photographer,

Picture Creations


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